Popcorn Skies ears - bow version
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Popcorn Skies ears - bow version

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✨ Made from the highest quality super-soft plush fabric
✨ Comfortable (less tight that the current Disney ears)
Popcorn-filled popcorn buckets
✨ OR open them up and fill with whatever you please!

Here's our kind of pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Each popcorn bucket section is approximately 9cm high. While they're filled with popcorn, they can be opened up to remove or change the contents. Prefer them as balloons? No problem, just remove the popcorn! The majority of the ears are comprised of plush minky fabric, which is securely hand-sewn together.  This version has a rainbow bow.

Because these are super time-consuming I only produce them in small batches. As with all my items, they are built to last. These guys are surprisingly hardy and can be safely be packed into a suitcase or backpack. However, the plastic sections may be damaged if dropped onto hard ground, or scratched if they are scraped against anything.

Please note that these are the heaviest ears I have made. Although I don't personally think they're too heavy to wear comfortably, they are similar in weight to plastic park ears.

I recommend spot cleaning for this item. Please avoid submerging them in water (water rides and rainy days are fine!)

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