All orders placed on 27th June will be dispatched on or before 5th July.


Brexit stuff for UK customers only:

I have had to temporarily suspend sales to the UK while I make sure that I comply with the new rules. I am currently for my UK VAT number to be processed to allow me to make sales to UK customers.

After 1st Jan, all sellers outside the UK will have to charge VAT to UK customers on orders under £135. This means that an extra 20% is automatically added at checkout. Effecively, it is paying the customs charge upfront. The seller has to give this money directly to HMRC. It sucks, but on the plus side, this means that you will not have to pay a customs charge when your order enters the UK, so you avoid the extra handling fee for that.

Orders over £135 will continue exactly as before. There will be no 20% added at checkout, but you will have a customs charge to pay when it enters the UK.

Also, a copy of the invoice now has to be included in the package, so there is no way that a parcel's value can be marked as less than what you paid.


I am based in Canada but I use a third party service to take parcels to the US for shipping. This itself incurs an extra cost, but keeps the overall cost much lower than it would be using Canada Post. My shipping rates include the postage price, cost of packaging materials, and the third party cost. I combine any separate orders and refund the difference wherever possible.

The below times are an estimate from the date of posting when everything is running normally. Approximate currency conversions are given for convenience, but are rough guides only, as the exchange rate can vary slightly on any given day. All parcels are trackable.

As of 30th January, US and Canada shipping is currently running pretty much on time. Shipping to other countries is running at the upper end of the time estimate.

USA (For Hawaii please allow extra time - that usually takes around 3 weeks)
1-4 badges  CAD 5.00 (Approx USD 3.85). USPS, tracked
1 pair of ears - CAD 13.00 (Approx USD 9.60). USPS or UPS Mail innovations, 2-9 business days, tracked.
2 pairs of ears - CAD 17.00 (Approx USD 9.80). USPS or UPS Mail innovations, 2-9 business days, tracked)
3 pairs of ears - CAD 18.00 (Approx USD 10.40). USPS or UPS Mail innovations, 2-9 business days, tracked)  
1 bag/1 bag plus one pair of ears - CAD 21.50 (Approx USD 16.50). UPS Mail innovations, 2-9 business days, tracked)  

Faster shipping options (USPS Priority, 2-4 business days) are often available to the US for a small extra charge.  Please message me if you want to upgrade.

Canada - I'm based in PoCo, please feel free to pick up if you're in the area!
1-4 badges - CAD 5.00 (CanadaPost lettermail, 2-4 business days, untracked)
1-3 pairs of ears - CAD 17.00 (Shipping within Canada via Canpar, 2-8 business days, tracked)
1 bag/1 bag and 1 pair of ears - CAD 19.00 (Shipping within Canada via Canpar, 2-8 business days, tracked)

Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, UK (currently suspended)
1-4 badges - CAD 5
1 pair of ears - CAD 17.00 (Approx GBP 10.00, EUR 11.00) 5-22 business days, tracked)
2-3 pairs of ears - CAD 20.00 (Approx GBP 11.60, EUR 13.00) 5-22 business days, tracked)
1 bag/1 bag plus 1 pair of ears - CAD 36 (Approx GBP 21.50, EUR 23.50) 5-22 business days, tracked)

Not seeing your location here? Please contact me and I can add it. I'm also happy to ship directly to your Disney hotel. However, please bear in mind that Disney resort hotels often need a couple of extra days to process and direct your parcel and usually charge a pick-up fee of $5. DISNEY HOTELS ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING PARCELS DUE TO THE PANDEMIC