This FAQ is a work in progress... If you have any questions not answered here please email hello@wordofmouse.co, or DM me on Instagram @wordofmouseco 🙂

Which countries do you ship to?
I ship everywhere! You can find the shipping prices here

Where are you located?
I'm currently located in and shipping from York, UK. I'll be moving to Canada at the end of May and will be shipping from the US from then.

When will my order be dispatched?
I'm moving towards the majority of items being ready to ship. Each item's page shows how long the lead time is before dispatch. I combine shipping costs, so please be aware that if you order more than one item, everything will ship together with the slowest item. You can avoid this by placing separate orders.

But I need it for a certain date...
Sometimes I can do this, but shipping time plays a large part. Please feel free to send me a message if you need something for a certain date and I'll try my best to accommodate.

I wanted XXX but it sold out so quickly!
I'm sorry 🙁 I can only make 2 pairs of ears or 1 bag in an entire working day, so the numbers of these are pretty limited and often sell out within minutes of the release. You can find details of the next restock on Instagram.

When will XXX be back in stock?
Anything that is showing as 'sold out' will eventually be restocked. Generally I add a few of each ear design a couple of times a month, bags less frequently so. Bags are currently on hold indefinitely while I work out a way to make them 
I try to add a rough restock date either on the item page or on the home page. I always announce full restock details ahead of time on Instagram.
Please sign up for restock notifications of items you're interested in. It helps me to know which items are most in demand!

How can I best snag XXX next time?
I would not recommend relying wholly on restock notification emails as some items sell out within one minute, and by the time you get the email and get to the website they are likely already gone.
I announce restock details ahead of time on Instagram and on the 'releases and restock' page on this website, so check there or turn on Instagram post notifications. On release day, I'd advise being on the product page a few minutes early and just keep refreshing.
You can speed things up even further if you have your phone/computer set to pre-populate your card details, or log into your Paypal ahead of time. If something is in your cart it doesn't reserve it. Until you pay, someone else can still purchase it. Unfortunately, I can't do anything about this.

Can I made a small change to an existing item in your store?
This isn't possible at the moment as I make nearly everything ahead of the sale. They're made in such a way that I can't easily take them apart to make changes.

Do you do custom orders?
I'm not taking custom orders at the moment. Sorry. I will be bringing back the custom colour balloon ears promotion at some point this year though 💖