Restock Info

Teeny tiny Halloween collection info:

Pumpkin spice waffle ears: The first two rounds of preorders will open on 20th Sept at 10am PST. Please note the different dispatch dates in the title of the items. This is the LATEST it will be posted. If there is demand I will open more preorders in a week or two, once I can assess what their dispatch date will be.

Backpacks: Backpack preorders will open on 26th. I would like to finish making the final tweaks to last years pumpkin bag design, and get photographs of both designs before I feel comfortable opening the preorders. I want people to be able to make an informed decision between the two :)  Bags are always pretty limited as they take around two days of work - I expect that I will only be able to complete around 6-8 bags in total before Halloween.


Waffle ears/popcorn ears/celebration ears should be back after Halloween. As always THANK YOU to everyone who cares enough about my creations to check out the restock dates!