Welcome to the Snack Club!
Welcome to the Snack Club!
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Restock Info

Generally, restocks of around 30 pairs take place every 3 weeks (However, restocks for Halloween and Christmas are every 2 weeks at the moment!). In between these dates I try to run smaller restocks, or small releases of new items and soon I'll be running bag auctions too.

Unless stated otherwise, all ears and bags are made ahead of time. I ship the week following each sale, and the next shipping date can be found here.

FINAL Halloween restock October 12th. If you're in the US or UK these will arrive before Halloween. I will be coming back to the UK for a holiday on 16th October, if you order from the UK I will refund the extra postage and post from there :)
✨Halloween Magic balloon ears x 2
✨2019 Halloween cookie ears x 5
✨2018 Halloween cookie ears x 5
✨Celebration ears x 5

16th - 26th October I will be on holiday, and then it's straight into Christmas the Christmas previews! Gingerbread ears and winter dream balloon ears will be back. They'll be an Xmas balloon ears, and maybe another face pair. The first Christmas sale will be a small one on November 2nd. Restocks will take place on 16th November, 30th November and early December.

I'm working on the problem of bringing back bags... I just need some time away from making ears to figure it out. I've set aside a few days during my holiday to work on it. As they take so long to make, It's likely that they'll come back as auction pieces only in limited quantities.

Frequently requested items:

Celebration ears - these always sell out within minutes. As promised, I will keep making these at pretty much every restock as long as there is demand for them 🙂

Burger ears - these sell out very fast. I realise that people are having trouble purchasing them as I usually only make a few pairs at a time. I am working on having a sale that is dedicated to burger ears. I'm not sure where I will fit it in with Halloween and Christmas, but as soon as I know I'll update.

Design-your-own balloon ears - This promotion might again for Black Friday this year, I'm not sure yet. It creates a LOT of extra work so it's not something that I have time to offer on a regular basis. If it takes place it will also be capped at a very low number of spots, so please don't plan around it as they went super fast last year.

When are churros/ice cream bar ears coming back?
I'm working on a new ice cream bar design, so wanted to see how that one fares next.
Churros are coming back! I'll finally be able to get more materials for them in October, and I might also consider a slight redesign to make them a little smaller.

What is happening with bags?
I have a few things to iron out regarding the price and materials. They take such a long time to make and the materials and fittings themselves are also pretty expensive so it is hard to put a price on them. Tbh, I'm also traumatised by the whole month I spent making bags last year for around £20 profit a day 😭

For the sake of my own sanity (and rent payments!) I'm going to slowly reintroduce them as auction pieces.

Any new designs in the works?
Ugh, about a million! I make every new design from scratch, and I spend a lot of time developing my own patterns and getting the shape and fabrics right.Everything seems to get pushed back by Halloween and Christmas right now, but popcorn, waffles and then hopefully pizza are all coming as soon as the seasonal ears are finished. There are also a couple of 'simpler' ears that I'm finishing up, and a couple of character balloon ear designs that are all finished but I haven't been able to cram into my release schedule yet 🙂