Restock Info

Here is the latest information on releases. Unfortunately I've been dealing with RSI in my wrist so I've been unable to make as many items as I originally intended, so I've had to delay a couple. All the snack ears are updated and new designs, all photos will be up on Friday!


Saturday 25th January - 1PM PST/4PM EST - shipping on 28th
❤️ Churro ears 2.0 x 5
❤️ Ice Cream bar ears 2.0 x 4
❤️ Mickey Waffle ears (butter and syrup) x 5
❤️ Mickey Waffle ears (cream and sprinkles) x 4

Saturday 1st February - 1PM PST/4PM EST - shipping on 4th
❤️ Hamburger ears 2.0 x 4
❤️ Cheeseburger ears 2.0 x 4
❤️ Gingerbread backpack x 1


Saturday 22nd February - 1PM PST/4PM EST - shipping on 25th
❤️ Valentines ears
❤️ Celebration ears
❤️ Birthday Cake ears
❤️ Winnie the Pooh ears
❤️ Stitch ears
❤️ More to be confirmed...

 I intend to continue to create one-off bags for auction. Chewbacca bags will not be returning however, my machine can't handle the fabric unfortunately. 


Any new designs in the works?
New snack designs in January, and new character balloons in February ❤️