Restock Info

Hi! Thanks for caring enough to check when I'll be restocking! We're in full Halloween mode from now until mid-October. This means that non-Halloween designs are unlikely to be restocked during this time. If you're interested in Halloween ears/bags please order early because I'm doing less than usual this year due to other commitments, and will be doing less and less as we get closer to Halloween.

This year will have one ready-to-shop sale, one big pre-order sale, and then maybe a few very small ready-to-ship sales if I find extra time. I'm hoping that running a pre-order will mean that things don't sell out within minutes, which often happens when I run small ready-to-ship sales.

This years line up is: Pumpkin waffle ears, Hocus Pocus balloon ears (updated version of the Halloween Magic balloon ears from 2019), Pumpkin cookie ears (slight update of the 2018 version), Pumpkin bag, Trick or Treat bag. I'm dying to add a new design to this but will see what I have time to do  :)

Saturday August 21st 1PM PST: Ready to ship Halloween sale

Sunday September 5th 1PM PST : Halloween pre-order sale. All orders placed from US or Canada will be received by October 25th at the latest. I understand that a lot of people will need them earlier for their Halloween park dates. If this applies to you then please reply to your order email ASAP after purchase, and I will try to schedule your order to be completed sooner, If I can't meet your dates, I will happily refund your order. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee delivery dates for orders made from outside US/Canada.

Sept-Oct: I may run very small ready-to-ship sales if I have time to make extras on top of the preorders.


I usually base part of my sales on the most requested items, so please sign up for restock notifications on the individual item pages as it helps me know what people are waiting for :) Letting me know by leaving a comment on Instagram always helps too!