Restock Info

Christmas is done! The only items still available are the snowmouse ears that are on the website until sold out. Gingerbread bags will make a re-appearance in January.

Upcoming restocks:
❄️Celebration ears - early January
❄️Snack ears (LOTS,I'm pretty much working on this for the next six weeks) - late January
❄️Character balloon ears (including Valentine's ears) - late February

Unless stated otherwise, all ears and bags are made ahead of time. I ship the week following each sale, shipping times, costs, and the next shipping date can be found here.


Shipping to the US generally takes 2-9 business days, but can be upgraded to 2-4 business days for around £2 - £5 extra.

Frequently requested items:

Celebration ears - these always sell out within minutes. As promised, I will keep making these  as there is demand for them 🙂

Burger ears - these sell out very fast. They'll be back in January I promise!

Design-your-own balloon ears - There are currently no plans to bring these back as they take too long.

When are churros/ice cream bar ears coming back?
January! They're having a slight design update too!

What is happening with bags?
there will be a small amount available during the January snack sale.

I intend to continue to create one-off bags for auction. Chewbacca bags will not be returning however, my machine can't handle the fabric unfortunately. 

I understand that they are pricey, and have increased a lot since last year. Now that this is my full-time job I calculate all my items at materials cost plus my time (set at the hourly living wage for Metro Vancouver). Please understand that in order for my business to be sustainable I need charge fairly for my time.

Any new designs in the works?
New snack designs in January, and new character balloons in February ❤️