Seen a Ghost Ears
Seen a Ghost Ears
Seen a Ghost Ears
Seen a Ghost Ears
Seen a Ghost Ears
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Seen a Ghost Ears

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Those ghosts are definitely hiding something... 

👻 Handmade from the highest quality super-soft plush fabric
👻 Lightweight (about the same weight as regular park ears)
👻 Comfortable (less tight that the current Disney ears)
👻 Every single detail is securely stitched on
👻 Lift up the ghosts to show a shocked Mickey and Minnie
👻 FULLY REMOVABLE ghost costumes!!

These started with a concept of 'not-just-for-Halloween' ears, and are probably the most ambitious pair of ears I've ever made!

Each ghost measures approximately 13cm wide and 11cm high at their widest point. The ghost costumes are constructed from reinforced micro-velvet, and everything else (even the tiny yellow flower!) is made from minky plush fabric. All details are sewn on using appliqué techniques. 

The ghost costumes can be lifted up to peek a shocked Mickey or Minnie underneath. They can also be fully removed to wear them as pair of vintage-style Mickey and Minnie ears. The costumes fit snugly and they're easy to put on and remove, (TIP: When putting on Minnie's ghost costume, insert the flower through the middle hole first). 

Due to the detail and extra parts, these ears are VERY time consuming to make, so numbers will be very limited.  As always, they are built to last. These guys can be carried around in a backpack, or packed flat in a suitcase and they will come out just fine. As with park ears, please be careful to avoid bending the ears as this can cause them to become loose over time.

I recommend spot cleaning for this item. Please avoid submerging in water (water rides and rainy days are fine!)