Ew, David ears
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Ew, David ears

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This is the final pair of this design, it won't be restocked ❤️

If you love Schitt's Creek and you love Disney, this mashup might be the one for you!

🎉 Handmade using the highest quality super-soft plush fabric
🎉 Light enough for all-day wear
🎉 Comfortable (less tight that the current Disney ears)
🎉 Ew, David!

This little tribute to Schitt's Creek (can't you just hear it in your head?!) Is constructed from minky plush fabric. The letters are handmade and securely sewn to the headband. They stand up on the headband loud and proud!

These guys are pretty robust and they don't sag. They can be carried around in a backpack, or carefully packed in a suitcase and will come out fine. As with all ears, please be careful to avoid bending the pieces over as this can cause them to become loose over time.

Please note that there might be slight variation in the exact shape of the letters and the spacing between them. I make each little piece individually, and arrange them on the headband in the way that looks the most balanced.

I recommend spot cleaning for this item. Please avoid submerging them in water (water rides and rainy days are fine!)



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